Welcome to the Ace Liberty & Stone plc website. We usually just refer to the Company as “Ace”.

Ace is a well-established property investment company operating in the UK.

My colleagues and I, together with well-chosen advisers, have carefully steered Ace to a point where it now has a portfolio of properties valued in the region of £100million and producing annual rental income in excess of £6.5million. It has its ordinary shares quoted on the AQSE. Our success is evidenced by a record of steady growth and strong returns for shareholders, even in adverse economic conditions.

This website is organised so as to provide information for both current and prospective investors as well as other interested parties.

Our website also shows the important ways in which Ace differs from some other property investment companies and why participating in Ace may be appropriate for you.

We welcome enquiries about our activities. Please CONTACT US

Ismail Ghandour,
CEO, Ace Liberty & Stone plc

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Ismail Gandour
Chief Executive, Ace Liberty and Stone

Some Notable Featured Pages from the 2021 Annual Report

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Ismail Gandour
Chief Executive, Ace Liberty and Stone

outline and background

Outline and Background

Ace Liberty & Stone plc is a UK-based property company.
Even in the current adverse financial conditions resulting from the COVID virus, Ace has continued to prosper…

investment and philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Ace Liberty & Stone plc was founded with its principal aims being…
To achieve for our shareholders strong returns and growth, tempered always by a prudent approach.
We are in for the long term…

vision and values

Our Vision and Values

Track good value property – for now mostly away from the capital – with the potential for profit and improved and strong returns. Ensure solid finance, due diligence and prudence are firmly at the core of all activity…

financial reports

Financial Reports

Read our latest Report and Accounts.
2021 was another good year for Ace

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